As our business has grown, so too has the complexity of our legal needs. Erica has been handling our various business needs for two years now. Anything we have asked for she has handled with a high level of interest, engagement and an exceeded degree of knowledge and professionalism. All engagements are clearly defined and handled in an efficient manner. Erica really takes the time to invest herself and understand your business, affording a high level of trust that our needs are understood and represented.”

– John

“This was my first time needing legal assistance so I was nervous but right away Erica made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Erica’s compassion for her clients surpasses anything I could’ve hoped for. She was kind, caring, entirely well spoken and always kept me informed. Our results exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge of the law and how it can work for you is exceptional and her ability to think outside the box to come up with creative ways to solve a problem is beyond impressive. She is goal oriented the whole way. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to seek representation from Erwin Legal again and I will be honored to confidently recommend Erica to anyone. She’s simply brilliant!”

– Lacey