Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Marginalized communities experience many barriers to legal representation, yet access to justice is a cornerstone of our legal framework. I am committed to proactively addressing these barriers by amplifying the voices and meeting the needs of clients of all abilities, races, ages, income levels, gender expressions, national origins, and sexual orientations.

Consulting an attorney can be difficult and overwhelming for anyone, particularly marginalized clients. Often, attorneys exacerbate this difficulty by turning a blind eye to our implicit biases. I strive to address my own implicit biases by continually educating myself about current and developing issues that affect diverse clients with diverse needs in environmental and transactional law. I treat all my clients with respect and professionalism, prioritizing their comfort as well as their specific goals. I proactively communicate with clients rather than making assumptions about their needs, and actively and respectfully listen when they express those needs.

Marginalized attorneys also face their own obstacles in entering the legal field. I have mentored and am committed to mentoring and providing networking opportunities for new and diverse law students, because a bar should be reflective of the community in which it operates.

Equity and Energy

I pursued and received a Public Interest Law Certificate from Lewis and Clark Law School because I believe in equitable distribution of energy resources and feel that distributed clean, solar energy can allow people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to own the means of their energy production. I work with NW Energy Coalition and Spark Northwest, which each work to increase the availability of clean energy in all communities. I am also passionate about working with new and emerging businesses that promote equitable, clean energy and a sustainable future.  

Alternative Billing Structures

Concerned about being able to hire an attorney? Mention this when calling and we can discuss payment plan and flat-fee options.