Last year in November I returned from vacation to find myself in a very difficult, toxic, and dangerous roommate situation. In early 2017, I had agreed to let someone into my home and onto the rental agreement without paying half the deposit or signing additional paperwork to protect myself and my unit. The entire thing had blown up in my face in the worst way. I decided to hire a lawyer and asked Erica if she could help me resolve the situation. Erica didn’t waste any time setting up an appointment to meet with me. I was immediately put at ease by her professionalism, compassion, and knowledge of Oregon housing laws. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through this situation without her. Erica was extremely knowledgeable, gave me solid advice, helped me resolve the situation, and even drafted a roommate-to-roommate contract that would protect me from situations like this in the future. Thanks to Erica, I was able to convince my nightmare roommate to move out and i’m am still living in my beloved apartment of 2 years.”

– Jillian